Glassapple | Community

Our society has contributed in multiple ways for our success and growth. The people have been generous enough to support when needed and hence, it is a burning ambition within us to contribute back to the society. Thus, glassapple | Community is an answer to our endeavours and efforts in the direction of contributing back to the society. We would like to undertake various projects in the field of education, health care, sanitation, rural development etc. You can also participate with us in the glassapple | Community related projects and contribute back to the society.

Ummeed – education for all:

This is our pet project, since we believe that the root of all the social evils today is due to lack of basic formal and proper education. We have taken up a mission to work with under privileged section of the society where the children are forced to leave their basic education and take up work for sustaining their families.